Designing an instrument for assessing child development

The ‘Child Development Inventory’ (INDI) is an instrument that evaluates 4 to 5-year-old children’s readiness for schooling. The tool was developed by a team of Psychology Professors from the Republic University in Uruguay. The INDI psychological test is used by teachers to asses children’s cognitive abilities and mental health.

Whilst being a lecturer in Design Research Methods at the same University, I collaborated with the project team to develop the user experience for the instrument and the tools’ visual interface. The INDI tool was designed to be filled out by primary school teachers whilst observing the child’s behaviour. For this reason, the form was available on paper or a tablet (web) format.

Comprehensive user testing was performed with thousands of children and hundreds of school teachers to refine the tool and its user manual. The Child Development Inventory is widely used by public and private schools in Uruguay.

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